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Customer's testimonials
Melania worked with our family in the training of our pup Mickey. 
He was a rescue we acquired at the Orange County Humane Society. Although he wasn't a fully grown dog, nor a puppy, he was 7 months when we picked him up; and had all the aspects of a playful and energetic puppy. He wasn't housebroken, and didn't know basic commands. Melania helped us to teach him the basic commands, like: sit, stay, come, and fetch with a toy ball. 
She also worked with his socialization skills out in public, interacting with both people and animals. 
She made the training a great convenience with coming directly to our home and instructing both myself and my husband as well as our three children ages 10, 9 and 3yrs. old. Her history of being around dogs is evident, and she was patient with all of us as well as Mickey. I would highly recommend her in working with and training a family dog. 
Mrs.Diana LoPresti
Celebration, FL

Melania Lavezzi is an experienced, understanding, and effective dog trainer. I had dogs growing-up and have always loved them, and my last dog was a Labrador whom I trained to do many things. I recently got a new little mixed-breed from a Rescue Shelter, and I am just beginning to train him. He has special needs because of his rough start in life. Melania has given me tips about how best to work with him so that he learns both that I am the boss and also that he is safe. He is doing great, and I appreciate Melania's role in his progress. Contact Melania when you are looking for a dog trainer, and you'll be glad you did.
Rev. Dr. Susan Bubbers (Author of Pet Prayers)
Celebration, FL

"By teaching a dog the formal exercises of basic obedience, you're doing far more than teaching simple tricks. Rather you're giving the dog the capacity to be part of your life in a non chaotic, natural way. The goal of obedience training is to allow the relationship to blossom organically, by motivating the dog to respond to the owner's commands willingly"
Brother Christopher
from the book Divine Canine written by the Monks of New Skete

I am very happy with Melania's training services. My dog, Karmel, is a very hyper and energetic dog. I realized he had a few more problems than I thought, but Melania was able to help with those problems. She was very good with Karmel. She definitely helped Karmel to be a more calm dog. He still has energy but he is a very well behaved dog. I appreciate Melania with all she has taught Karmel and myself as well. Thank you!
Mrs. Sheena Dye
Celebration, FL
Informative, very helpful, Melania is knowledgeable and wonderful with the dogs, she gives much needed 1-1 attention even in a group setting and I would recommend Melania's class to anybody with a dog, no matter the age of your dog!
Mrs. Marlissee Orlang

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After three years of Bubba being peepee pad trained, we thought it was impossible to get him potty trained. We had tried numerous times but wasn't able to get him to go outside. Within the first week of working with Melania, Bubba peed outside! While working with Melania, both we and Bubba developed confidence. We are so glad to have had her guidance. What a difference it has made!"
​Mrs. Jenna Blick
Celebration, FL
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With classes that were always active and engaging, Melania helped me understand how my new puppy Dugan learns and gave me practical coaching on how to successfully change his (and my) negative behaviors. Not only did I build a solid foundation of positive learning and experience with Dugan in these training classes, I also got the tools that will help me continue to shape him, as he grows into adulthood, into a happy and obedient companion. Thanks, Melania!
Rev. Bradley Page
Four Corners, Florida  

My Fiance and I highly recommend Melania Lavezzi who has tremendously helped us with our new dog Teddy!
It's amazing to see how effective she is with both dogs and their owners. We have hired her for private lessons as well as completed her group obedience program and we've seen an incredible difference at home and on walks.
Chris Flynn
Celebration, FL

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