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At Celebration Dog Training and Behavioral Solutions, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community.
"A job well done... Top-rate"
I am so thankful to Melania for helping me and my dog Bella. Bella is a rescue who was abused and abandoned and became afraid of people and other dogs and would sometimes become aggressive. With Melania's techniques and caring advice I have learned how to remain calm while walking Bella and see positive changes in her behavior as a result. She is now able to walk outside in a more relaxed way, making our walks more pleasant. Thank you very much Melania!
Zulma Alvarez   Celebration FL

"Best in class! "
We are so glad to find Melania for training our dog, Velma.
As she is a rescue dog and I am a first time dog owner, have no idea about dog language and how to due with her issue.
Melania is knowledgable, patient and straight to the point. After training with her, I am more confident to be a Pack Leader and less tension when Velma doesn't follow what I ask. 
If you need an advise about your dog, Melania is your choice, she is nice and wonderful.
Thanks a lot, Melania.
Yan Yan Lau     Celebration FL

"Greatly recommended!"
Melania training plan provided me with life long tools for an easy, beneficial, and fun training session with Tilly.
We worked on walking on a leash, basic commands, patience, handling bad behavior, and establishing overall "Alpha" status. 
The training substantially helped Tilly to calm down and know her boundaries.
I recommend and greatly thankful for Melania's services.
Idan, Celebration, FL

My family took advantage of Melania's three-course offer. Our newly adopted standard poodle was in great need of obedience training. Melania is a great trainer and pointed us in the right direction. Even after only three sessions we saw great improvement in behavior and in the ability of our dog to walk on a leash.
Diana Vassallo, Celebration

Melania is awesome! She took our two rescues, Lucky and LuLu, from a wild mess of chaos to two mostly well behaved loving dogs. We barely got through the first month with them. 
Best of all, Melania sets realistic goals, and let's you know what to expect.
Michael Johnson

My family rescued a puppy, Zooey, last month. I scheduled 3 lessons with Melania to help with house training, basic commands & leash walking. I am grateful for her time and her advice on the issues we were experiencing with our newest family member. I look forward to asking Melania to help with all our future training and behavior needs for Zooey. 
Laura G., Celebration 

Melania is incredible.....we came to her with some concerns on how we were training our new rescue, as well as concerns about my partners timing when he was attempting to do a training session. She not only said that we were doing a great job so far but also gave us some more tools and tips on ways we can improve on what we were already doing. Since our session our furson has improved with his lose leash walking and is starting to truly ignore some of the distractions that get him excited when we catch it in time. 
Thank you Melania for being such a sweet and caring trainer. 
Lee Diaz, Celebration

Melania was very patient and helped me tremendously with Fozzie Bear and Meeko. I learned how to be the pack leader and now they both walk on the leash much more relaxed. We learned how to greet other dogs while on a walk outside and I learned how to make them drop things they pick up that you don’t want them to have. They also learned how to sit, stay and how to greet people at the door, amongst other things. My family and I are very happy with the results from Melania’s training and would highly recommend her."
Debora Connelly

I have had 2 lessons with Melania and my 2 Greyhounds, and I am beyond impressed! She is very knowledgeable, and understands dogs, more than any trainer I've ever met. My Bolt was very reactive to other dogs and almost instantly, Melania was able to minimize his reactions, without being cruel, in any way. She greatly utilizes positive reinforcement which is very effective, & the training method I am most comfortable with. I highly recommend Melania to any dog owner having any issues with their dog's behavior. I have already recommended her to a new neighbor with a very reactive dog. I will continue to sing her praises, to anyone who will listen!
Cindy Snyder

Melania trains the dog owner as well as the dog. She helps you understand your dog and how he responds to the owners' body language while teaching you how to direct your dog. She uses positive reinforcement while teaching your pet the basic commands. I had some one on one lessons and group lessons and found both to be very beneficial. Sparky and I would certainly recommend Melania for training your dog. MaryAnn Wilson
Melania Lavezzi at celebrationdogtrainer.com is just wonderful! She is working with our family dog to help him not pull at the leash, and after one session there is huge improvement. Melania is patient, kind, and knowledgeable, and we highly recommend her services.
Jan Hone, Celebration

This was the best thing we did for our dogs and our family. Melania is very knowledgeable, professional and patient. She helped train our new puppy, Willow and our older dog Carmen (8 yrs). Carmen even learned new positive behaviors. What made this training so beneficial, was that Melania came to our home, personalized the training, explained the techniques, and repeatedly practiced with us. I never felt rushed.Thanks to Melania, walking our dogs is a pleasure now! She is amazing!
Mr. & Mrs. Loboda, Celebration

My name is Carmen Sophia. I am a puppy. My humans were wise to consult Celebration Dog Training to learn how to help me become a better puppy. They learned a lot. I loved my time with my trainer. I highly recommend Celebration Dog Training!"
Barbara Moran, Celebration

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Melania is fabulous! She is very knowledgeable and confident. She has been extremely helpful with our 6 month old Victorian bulldog. He was an over friendly beast with no manners. We completed four private lessons and we'll start group lessons in September. But he is already showing so much improvement. And Melania's prices are very low, especially for this area. We highly recommend her.
MarRae Sipple, Celebration FL